Play Online Roulette and win big with our Roulette Strategy

Learn how to earn £100-500 per hour with our simple Online Roulette Strategy. Simply play at home at one of the many online casinos.

Our team of experienced casino experts have worked for the biggest brands in online casino and learnt the tricks and strategies it takes to beat the system. We are focussing on Roulette since it provides the best chances to win. Even without our roulette strategy you will nearly have a 50/50 chance to win (apart from the 0) if you bet on red or black or even/uneven. Combined with the right Roulette Strategy your chances to win will multiply and gives you a mathematical guarantee to win.

Just take a few minutes to learn more about these Online Casino Strategies which have been tested for years – take your luck into your own hands!

All Roulette strategies have been tested by our team and the results can be proven with real balance and withdrawal screenshots.

So why do we share this knowledge with you? We are not interested in selling these roulette strategies for money. We have and still are using these roulette strategies ourselves and already won a fair amount of cash. We think on the other hand that Online Casinos earn big amounts of money every day with casino games that give players very little chances to win – we want to give players the opportunity to win a junk of this money back – this is why we offer our insights absolutely free with no strings attached.

The following Online Roulette strategies will help you earning a substantial income by playing online roulette from home:

These online roulette strategies enable you to beat the online casinos and to achieve long-term casino winnings. It only takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it, then you are all set and ready to win.

Important: Please note that these roulette strategies are not working in all online casinos, as some operators have software in use, limiting or prohibiting these strategies to work. This results in Roulette games being stopped or balances frozen if players win too often.

Furthermore there are online casinos which analyse player activity with software that helps identifying strategy patterns. For example, if a player is playing and winning for longer than 59 minutes he will become black-listed and the games will be stopped. It is important though to emphasize though that all online roulette strategies are 100% legal – but of course the online casinos are trying to cover themselves as good as possible.

These problems can be avoided with a simple trick – simply do not play for longer than 59 minutes per day at any online casino, make sure to stop before the full hour and then take a break for 24 hours before continuing. After 24 hours the software’s tracking will be reset and you can use the roulette strategy to play and win another 59 minutes.

Of course during your break at one online casino you can still play at other online casinos, so there is no time lost. We have created a list of current online casinos where this roulette strategy is working and are always keeping this list up to date. Our team regularly checks each operator and will update the list in case there should be a software change to the roulette gameplay. We recommend to simultaneously play Online Roulette at 3-5 of the following online casinos, depending on how much time you have at hand of course!

William Hill Casino

100% up to £300 on first deposit

Recommended and approved as our top pick

888 Casino £88 FREE No Deposit Required + £1,500 Welcome Bonus

Top online Casino to get started. Use bonus code 'welcome1'

Casino Cruise 100% Welcome Bonus up to £1,000 AND 100 Free Spins

Make sure you grab the free spins!

Ladbrokes Casino 100% up to £500

Trustworthy casino with good bonus offer

betway Casino 100% up to £1000

Quality online casino with up to £1,000 bonus, worth playing!

Leo Vegas Casino 100% up to £1500

High deposit bonus!

Betfair Casino 200% up to £500

Solid online casino and good variety of games

Titanbet Casino 100% up to £200 & 50% Refund up to £200

Titanbet offers up to £200 bonus AND gives you a 50% refund if you lose!

Sky Casino 100% up to £250

Not our top pick but still one of the top 10!

Inter Casino 150% up to £200

UK players can make use of bonus code UKWELCOME to claim 150% bonus on first deposit. Or enter FIRST300 for up to €1,010 welcome bonus!


Please carefully read the provided information as only then you are best prepared to win your Roulette bets in the above listed online casinos. The basics are simply and following them will give you a mathematical guarantee to win!

We recommend practising our Roulette Strategy by playing a demo version first. You can do so without registration or betting real money. Below we provide you a demo version of the official Netent Roulette, the leading casino game software development company. Test our online roulette strategy now before signing up and bet for real!

This is how the demo version works:

  • Click on ‘Quick Spin’ to play Online Roulette without the wait, the results will be shown straight away, saving you time
  • Clicking on ‘Spin’ means a normal spin and you need to wait for the roulette ball to settle, which takes longer, hence, we recommend the ‘Quick Spin’ for faster progress.
  • The button ‘Clear Bet’ will clear all your bets from the table

All bets in the above demo are not for real money and just to test your roulette strategy To play for real money, please register at one of our tested online casinos.

Evidence that the Roulette Strategies are working

We received a lot of emails from people requesting evidence that what we say is actually true and the online roulette strategy is working. We decided to post some of our online casino balances here to show you how easy it is to make good money by playing online roulette from home.

Balance proof for 888 Casino

The below is an actual screenshot from our 888 casino account balance, showing proof how we earned almost €20.000 in 22 days with a single deposit of €100, just by using our roulette strategy.

casino balance

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