Empty Spin Strategy – how does it work?

This is our recommended strategy: The ‘Empty Spin’ strategy is a combination of the famous Martingale Roulette system and our own ‘Empty Spin’ method. Important: The Martingale strategy on its own has not proven to be successful, so make sure you read this until the end.

If you never heard of the Martingale system before, here is a quick summary: The Martingale Roulette betting strategy is one of the oldest Roulette strategies in the world, and it will definitely increase your chances of winning in the short term.

You make your standard bet of for example £1 on red or black and every time you win you repeat the same bet – and ideally continue winning this way. However, if you should lose, you will double your bet for the next turn and keep doubling every time until you win again. Even if you had a series of losses, e.g. losing 5 times in a row, by doubling each time, your next winning bet will result again in a £1 profit, regardless of your past losses.


For example:

1st Bet £1 you lose
2nd Bet £2 you lose
3rd Bet £4 you lose
4th Bet £8 you lose
5th Bet £16 you win


So in the above example you end up winning £16 minus your previous 4 losses of £1 + £2 + £4 + £8 resulting in an overall profit of £1 (£16-£15) despite having lost 4 times in a row!


So where’s the catch?

Following this strategy – and if you could always double your bets if you lose – you would never ever lose money but always make a profit. However, in real life you would not always be able to double your wager, as especially with higher amounts you would eventually run out of money or the casino would limit your stakes at a specific amount. If you would lose 10-12 times in a row, which rarely happens but is a possibility, you would have real difficulties. And this is exactly the flaw of the Martingale strategy, that there is a risk to run out of money or reach the table limit to place another doubling bet.

The Martingale strategy will still increase your chances of winning from the standard 46% up to 90%, based on the amount of your initial bet, your available funds and the table limit. However, even though it is unlikely, there is a small chance that e.g. a specific colour you bet on (red or black) will be drawn 10 times in a row or even more often.


Empty spins are the secret

Now that’s where our ‘Empty Spin’ strategy comes in to complete the Martingale strategy where it fails. In our tested Online Casinos you can do empty spins without actually placing a bet on the outcome, only to see the results. The empty spin enables you to wait for a long streak of e.g. 10x black before placing a bet on red. What would take ages in a real casino can be done online with a so called ‘Quick Spin’, which can be accomplished by pressing a single button. You can play a hundred empty Roulette games without betting real money in just a couple of minutes, waiting for the right signal to place your money.


The right signal:

Now what is that signal and when would you place a real bet? Clearly after a long streak of a single colour. Simply wait for a streak of 6x black and then place your bet on red. Chances are high that you will win straight away. Even if black will be drawn a 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th time in a row, simply double your bet each time using the classic Martingale strategy until another colour will come up, which will eventually be the case. Waiting for the right entry signal using our empty spin method dramatically improves your chances to win, and gives a huge advantage over regular Roulette players.

Try it for yourself using our demo Roulette game without registration and without betting real money. You will see this Roulette strategy works and playing online you can take the shortcut of using quick spins and empty spins to speed up the games and wait for the right signal to enter.


Practice first – then play for real:

Once you became familiar with the ‘Empty Spin’ methos you definitely want to play for real money – make sure you don’t just play anywhere, as not all online casinos allow our strategy and might disconnect you or freeze your account balance. Only play at online casinos tested by our team, so you can be sure to be on the safe side.